Reunion Island’s Quality Tourism label continues to grow


Since the launch in 2013, the label QTIR (Qualité Tourisme île de La Réunion) on Reunion Island recorded a growth in membership with a rise of almost 50% over the period 2013-2015.

On the occasion of the annual meeting of the members of the QTIR label, fifty local tourism professionals were welcomed by the director of the Reunion Island Tourism (IRT) Board, Mr. Willy Ethève. Roseline Cyril, the head of service quality and labels of the IRT, who then opened the meeting with the presentation of the very substantial agenda.

On the meeting agenda were such important points as:

• Update on membership in 2015;

• Satisfaction survey;

• Presentation of evaluations and positioning of quality by sub-sectors;

• Balance of outstanding 2015 updates;

• Presentation of QTIR awareness survey conducted by yhe Board; and

• Update on the communication plan for the year 2016
In 2015, 92 applications were evaluated by the Technical Monitoring Committee (CTS). Out of these, 88 obtained the QTIR label for the quality of their services. To date, the QTIR label has 198 members distributed in different areas as follows:

• accommodation and food: 65 (33%)

• restaurants: 12 (6%)

• reception and information: 14 (7%)

• cultural activities: 15 (8%)

• craft shops: 5 (3%)

• outdoor activities: 66 (33%)

• transportation: 21 (11%)

The majority of members are located in the west of Reunion (47.98%) and south (30.3%) of the island. The north and east respectively account for 13.64% and 8.08% of the members of the professional label.

198 professional members participated in the 2015 satisfaction survey in order to gauge their opinion on the QTIR label and related services. Over 90% of members said they were satisfied with the support of the IRT in their approach to promote sectoral excellence in quality. Three-quarters of those sampled were satisfied or very satisfied with the communication and promotion carried around the label.

These positive results confirm the strategy which led to the development of the QTIR label which aims to reinforce the image of the local tourism offerings and help to increase visitor numbers through the promotion of quality services by the Reunion Island tourism industry.

The QTIR label awareness survey conducted by the board helped highlight several observations. The name and logo is recognized by the age brackets between 25/55 (32%). A detailed analysis by age shows that the logo is best known in the age bracket for 40/49 years. The study by also showed that it is the managers of tourism establishments (46.3%) who best know the logo and its meaning, followed by the intermediate managerial positions (36.8%) and employees and workers (31.2%).

To the question “Is it reassuring for you to participate in a tourist service label?” 67% of respondents answered positively. The label also appears to be a decisive criterion in the choice of some 71.2% of those consulted to come to Reunion Island.

Looking at all sectors it was found that it is essentially the hospitality and food service providers carrying the label that consumers patronize. Leisure sports label holders came in third.

The survey also shed light on the consumer profile of those looking for the QTIR label. People who reported being interested in patronizing establishments which carry the label, mainly reside in the north and the south of the island. They are in the age group between 25 and 55 and are either executives or hold middle-management positions.

After discussing all the agenda items, the annual meeting of members in the QTIR label was completed by late afternoon. For more information on the label’s activities, contact email