Popular tourist destination in Chile struck by earthquake


Ovalle, Coquimbo, Chile was struck by a 6.3 magnitude earthquake just about an hour ago at 00:33:06 UTC. This was followed by a 5.1 aftershock around a half hour later. Tourists like to visit Ovalle in the Limari Valley to see the Church of San Vicente Ferrer, the Museum of Limarí which houses the biggest collection of diaguita pottery, and the Design Fair of Ovalle.

So far there are no reports of damage or injuries.

Ovalle is a city in the Coquimbo region of Chile and is the capital of the Limarí province. Ovalle is located on the banks of the river Grande and is known as the “the Pearl of the Limarí.” Visitors also come to see the Termas de Socos, the Fray Jorge National Park, the Talinay National Park, and the National Monument, the Valle del Encanto.

During the summer, Los Peñones bathing resort or the banks of the Hurtado River, many people gather under shady trees and to cool off in the water. In the city, attractions include the San Vicente Ferrer Parish, the Modelo Market, the natural vantage points and the Plaza de Armas, which is considered one of the most beautiful squares in the country.

The quake was located 30.634S 71.620W, at a depth of 31 km.


• 40 km (24 mi) W of Ovalle, Chile
• 64 km (39 mi) W of Monte Patria, Chile
• 79 km (48 mi) SSW of Coquimbo, Chile
• 87 km (53 mi) SSW of La Serena, Chile
• 326 km (202 mi) NNW of Santiago, Chile