Chinese food still top of the woks


BIRMINGHAM, England – To coincide with Chinese New Year, leading Oriental grocer Wing Yip has launched its first Oriental Food Report.
From a survey of 3,000, and industry statistics, the results provide a detailed overview of the current influences on taste, flavour and eating habits and demonstrate that the UK’s love for Oriental food continues to grow.

• Despite changing palates, Chinese food is still number one when it comes to Oriental food

• 94% of British adults have eaten Chinese food, and around four in 10 have an Oriental takeaway once a month

• The most popular Oriental dish is Sweet and Sour Chicken, followed by Thai Green Curry, Chicken Chow Mein, Sushi and Oriental Crispy Duck at number five

• There are more than 4,000 Chinese, Thai and Japanese restaurants in the UK

• 56% have tried Thai food, while 35% have had Japanese, which is the UK’s third most popular Oriental cuisine

• Japanese food growth is reflected in the rising number of people wishing to visit the country, and the food’s healthy association

Yet, despite our love for Oriental cuisine, we struggle to cook it at home. Of those who like eating Chinese food, 63% don’t cook it from scratch.

• 50% say they don’t feel confident in their cooking skills and 16% say it is too hard to find the right ingredients

• One in four are happy with supermarket Oriental ready meals

• Flavour is top of the list when it comes to quality. 85% of Chinese, 85% of Malaysian and 90% of Thai food consumers marked flavor as the most important element in an Oriental dish

Managing director of Wing Yip UK Trading, Brian Yip, said: “We started out nearly 50 years ago supplying Chinese ingredients to the restaurant trade, but now our customers are buying an ever-expanding range of foods from across South East Asia.

“This report highlights that whilst Chinese food remains a favourite, consumers are becoming far more adventurous.”