Reunion Island provides recipes and backdrop for French cooking show


From the beach of Saint-Leu to the Cilaos and Salazie of Reunion Islalnd, a team of chefs will take a culinary road trip and compete as well as help each other in challenges to reinvent and recreate with their own hands the iconic dishes of the island.

Four former candidates and the Top Chef Master Chef will explore the traditional products and cuisine of Reunion Island, during “The Brigade” culinary road trip with a twist of reality TV, which will be broadcast on the France Ô channel from February 16. Ten episodes of 52 minutes will see the team embark on a gourmet journey to discover Reunion Island’s recipes and famous Creole dishes.

Naoëlle of Hainaut, Nathalie Nguyen, Jeremy Moscovici, and Dieuveil Malonga are on the team which makes up “The Brigade.”

Under the leadership of Chef Jean-Claude Cléret, they will revisit nine famous Reunion Island dishes and meet with individuals who know and are ready to share the secrets of Reunion Island’s cuisine.

At the end of the program, the cooks will prepare a gala dinner for forty people in one of the most famous restaurants of Reunion Island. But what they do not realize is that a famous food critic will be among the guests in order to judge their creations, making it worth it to watch the series on French TV and see the outcome of who is judged the best among the competitors.

LA BRIGADE: Le 16 février 2016 sur France Ô!