Nevada hoping to round up tourists from India


INDIA (eTN) – Nevada, a cowboy state of the US, has become the latest to try to get more visitors from India. A top team from Nevada, led by Lt. Governor Mark Hutchison and Larry Friendman, Deputy Director of the Nevada Division of Tourism, was in India at the SATTE 2016, interacting with the agents and media to tell of the many experiences and attractions of the state.

The Lt. Governor said that the 63,000 arrivals per year from India will go up, because, apart from other reasons, it has appointed Sartha as its rep in India.

Mountains, lakes, adventure, and wine tours were some of the attractions mentioned. The target is also to get movie crews to shoot in Nevada, and to get Indians to hold weddings in the state, which has California and Las Vegas to combine tours with.

Every third job in Nevada comes from tourism, the Lt. Governor revealed, adding that the state’s experience in China 12 years ago was rewarding, and he hoped that the investment being made in India now will also be productive.

Brand USA was active at SATTE, with Ambassador Richard Verma opening the pavilion.

Shema Vohra, Sartha head, spoke at the seminar on outbound travel and said the USA was the most aspirational country for Indians, and they were ready to promote specialized travel also, such as to single women travelers.