Japan luring tourists from India


INDIA (eTN) – Japan is promoting travel to its country from India and other countries as well, with the highlight on the fact that Japan has 24 seasons, with 2 seasons every month. Andry Yudha Kusumah of Hantour, told this correspondent in Delhi on February 1 during a seminar that the company last year handled 830,000 tourists last year.

It was a unique, different experience to see seasons change so fast, he said, adding that the diversified product in Japan was a big draw with tourists, many of whom came back again and again. Kazunori Ochiai, Managing Director of Kailash Co. said they were targeting school groups from India to see Japan, in the same way that NASA does tours in the USA.

Kailash brings many Japanese pilgrims and cultural tourists to India from Japan, giving them yoga and ayurveda experiences, among others.

Ochiai said that his visit to the Mansarovar had changed his life, and hence the name of his company, after the Kailash mountains. interestingly, he pointed out that the e-visa facility for India was creating some problems for the Japanese market, as they found it difficult to fill and sign the e-form.

Eriko Miyakawa, of AX Ayabex, said that her company was concentrating in promotion and handling of tours to places other than Tokyo, like Osaka and Kyoto.