New director for Kenya Wildlife Service to be announced

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) will in the morning reveal the identity of their new Director General to the public at their headquarters in Nairobi.

A notice received from KWS two days ago, announcing the event to the media, reads as follows:

The process of appointing a new Kenya Wildlife Service Director General has been completed with the successful applicant reporting on duty next week, Monday February 1, 2016.

Therefore, you are invited to send your crew to cover the welcoming ceremony at 11am on February 1, 2016 at KWS Headquarters, Ndovu Court.

The function will be presided over by Prof Judi Wakhungu, the Cabinet Secretary for Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Authorities. She will be accompanied by Dr Richard Leakey, the Kenya Wildlife Service Board of Trustees chairman.

Regular sources at KWS were tightlipped, trying to keep the lid on the information but details began to emerge throughout Sunday as to the most likely candidate for the conservation hot seat in Kenya. Mr. Kitili Mbathi, the immediate former CEO of CFC in Nairobi – who previously also served as CEO of Stanbic Bank Uganda in Kampala – is the pundits frontrunner for the job, going by popular consensus.

Kitili, also a former Chairman of the Kenya Tourism Board, until now looks back at a distinguished career in banking in Kenya and Uganda but has in the past also served in the Kenyan Ministry of Finance as Permanent Secretary for Investments, when Dr. Richard Leakey, now Chairman of the Board of KWS, was Chief Secretary in the Kenya government under former President Moi.

If indeed the speculation proves correct, when tomorrow morning the name is officially revealed, it will be good news for KWS as a business minded new leader will be installed with a vast knowledge of administration and top management, something the organization was lacking in the more recent past.