The staff of Casablanca Hotel New York receives the Honest Travel Award by eTurboNews


eTN reader Monika Argueta nominated the staff of the Casablanca Hotel located at 147 West 43rd Street in Manhattan, New York, USA, to receive the Honest Travel Award by eTurboNews.

The eTurboNews award committee agrees. eTN Publisher Juergen Steinmetz says: “It took us 6 months to confirm, but we can now testify about the special ‘soul’ this hotel has established because of their dedicated staff. It’s our honor to recognize this and add the staff or the Casablanca Hotel to THE LIST – our Honest Travel Award.”

Monika works for the hotel and wrote in her nomination received by eTN on July 31,2015:

“Based on all of our outstanding reviews across various OTAs and TripAdvisor, we are in a central location and have an amazing staff that will go out of their way to make sure our guests feel as if they are at home.

“Guests are always impressed by our personnel, location, and how quaint the hotel is. Anytime a guest walks in through the door they are greeted with a smile and eager-to-help staff.

“Since I started working at a hotel where customer care is very important, I have came to realize that its not the hotel or location that makes your vacation memorable, but the people you meet and the connections you make with them.

“Most of the time other travelers do not want to be bothered but the hotel staff is always there to assist. If you are at a hotel where the staff is not as excited as you about your vacation, then it can bring you down; you end up not wanting to ask questions and might miss out on important things to see or do.”

The Casablanca Hotel Times Square is a member of the Library Hotel Collection, a family of luxury boutique properties by hotelier Henry Kallan, each with its own distinct personality and amazing location. What they share is a commitment to kind unpretentious service, beautiful surroundings, generous value, and an outstanding guest experience for every traveler.

Moniker continues: “We pride ourselves on hiring the warmest, happiest people and supporting those people with all the skills, tools, and freedom they need to be successful in their mission to make travelers happy. We are so proud that in the 2015 Luxury Brand Report, the Library Hotel Collection was recognized as having the highest guest satisfaction ratings of any luxury brand in the world.”

GM John Taboada says: “Whenever the Casablanca Hotel is considered for an award like this, it fills me with pride for the team of hoteliers we have here. I see the level of commitment and passion everyone on our staff brings to our guests every single day. When no one is looking, and it is just a private exchange between a staff member and a traveler, I know there is nothing our staff would not do to make sure every guest feels like a star. The Casablanca Times Square team truly deserves every recognition, and it is an honor for me to work with such loving and generous people every day.”

Anyone can make a nomination for the eTN Honest Travel Award. It’s not about star rating, it’s about something special and worth rewarding. There is never a nomination or marketing fee to receive this award.