Bomb scare in Istanbul ended after explosion


According to a witness, a suspicious man wearing a suicide vest was spotted by the police near the Ritz Carlton in Istanbul, Turkey. The man was shot in the leg, and the bomb inside the vest went off.

This would confirm the two loud explosions heard by eTN publisher Juergen Steinmetz staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Istanbul on Saturday night around 2230 hours.

In an unconfirmed report, it was stated that prior to the police shooting the suspect, he was seen at a bus stop talking with another man. It is not known if that second man is involved.

The situation unfolded about 20-30 minutes earlier when police sealed off roads between the Ritz Carlton Hotel and the Stadium close to Dolmabahçe Palace. A terror-related activity was in progress in Istanbul across from the Stadium and the Ritz Carlton Hotel.

eTN was informed by a hotel security source that a suspicious person with a bag was stopped and police blew up the bag. The hotel source was not able to get a confirmation yet by Istanbul police.

Other reports received by eTN said the police shot a suspected suicide bomber. Local news sources now report a suspected suicide bomber carrying a ‘suspicious’ backpack has been shot by police in Beşiktaş near the Vodafone Arena.

Earlier tweets received were about an ongoing terror attack.

Our eTN Publisher, staying at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Istanbul, was witnessing the situation from his hotel room window. Roads were sealed off in front of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and the Stadium, and traffic is being directed away from the scene. The situation seems to have no connection with the hotel.

Cars and a bus had been seen reversing and speeding backwards. All roads leading to the scene were blocked.

eTN will monitor the situation and update if necessary.