Portugal: Tourist numbers up slightly in 2015


LISBON, Portugal – Portugal recorded 55.6 million tourism nights in official tourism establishments in 2015, an annualised rise of 0.5 percent, the European Union statistics body Eurostat reported.

That rise was due above all to a rise in the two-thirds market share stemming from international arrivals with 2015 seeing non-resident nights put on 1.7 percent year-on-year against a 1.8 percent fall in Portuguese local tourism, which was down to 19.1 million nights.

With 36.5 million nights accounted for by international arrivals, Portugal is the sixth largest European Union member state in terms of its 66 percent proportion, ahead of the EU average of 46 percent but behind Malta (96 percent), Cyprus (94 percent), Croatia (92 percent), Greece (79 percent) and Austria (71 percent).

The Eurostat report told how 2015 had seen another record reached with 2.8 billion tourism nights spent in Europe, up 3.2 percent on 2014, with Spain leading the way in absolute terms (421 million nights), followed by France (413 million), Italy (385 million) and Germany (379 million).