Kiribati has potential as game fishing tourism haven


A recent study conducted by the South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO) revealed that the idyllic island of Kiribati has the potential to become top fishing tourism destinations.

A fact finding mission funded by the European Union was carried out in Kiribati to seek the potential viability and readiness of Kiribati as a fishing destination for Australian visitors.

The initiative was launched as part of the cyclone Pam rehabilitation assistance for Kiribati.

Stefan Hansson, General Manager of Fishabout, a fishing travel specialist agency in Australia, visited Kiribati and conducted an exploratory survey on Abaiang, Nonouti islands and Tarawa.

Hasson’s visit found that Kiribati is an excellent fishing destination with the potential to offer many styles of travel fishing products, including bluewater, marlin, one fish and fly fishing, particularly on the outer islands. However, safety standards and product quality will have to be improved.

Christmas Island, is the only island on Kiribati renowned for its fishing tourism and has a more developed fishing tour operation.

SPTO Chief Executive Ilisoni Vuidreketi said: “We are pleased to be able to offer travelers to Kiribati an insight into one of the best fishing spots in the world and we believe that this will help tourists that love to fish, choose the island as a future fishing holiday destination.

“Our assistance is also aimed at assisting the Kiribati National Tourism Office with preliminary data that will enable them to look into a feasible tourism product and markets best suited for Kiribati and its visitors.

“Fishing tourism is a niche market and Kiribati offers the more astute tourists looking to spend their holiday fishing, a great adventure in one of the Pacific’s smallest and most remote islands.”