TCS World Travel announces 2017 trip schedule


SEATTLE, WA – TCS World Travel announces its highly anticipated 2017 trip schedule. As the world’s leading private jet tour operator, TCS World Travel’s new lineup of private jet trips includes a innovative new partnership with SEADREAM Yacht Club, the world’s leading luxury yachting operator, as well as itineraries from Four Seasons Private Jet Experience.

“Our long standing partnership with Four Seasons, the world’s premier luxury hospitality company has elevated private jet travel to a whole new level of luxurious comfort, style and experiences. The service ethos and personalization for which Four Seasons is renowned is evident in every aspect of the journeys. TCS World Travel and Four Seasons will continue to redefine luxury private jet travel and this can only be good for the entire product category, raising awareness among today’s affluent traveler,” said TCS World Travel President Shelley Cline.

The 2017 line-up also features Four Seasons 24-day journey – International Intrigue. This itinerary touches down in sophisticated cities and beautiful landscapes aboard Four Seasons Private Boeing 757 custom-fitted to the highest specification with just 52 flat-bed seats. Guests are transported seamlessly between Four Seasons hotels to the most beautiful destinations on earth, including The Maldives, St. Petersburg, Serengeti and Marrakech.

“This year, I’m very excited about our new partnership with SEADREAM Yacht Club to offer a journey that combines the best in luxury yachting and private jet travel. Our company is experiencing growth among our brand partnerships and that’s a positive indicator that private jet travel is becoming more and more accessible in today’s market,” said TCS World Travel President Shelley Cline.

The 2017 Sea. Sky. Safari. itinerary developed with SEADREAM Yacht Club embarks on a vintage voyage sailing the Mediterranean on a luxurious SeaDream mega-yacht before guests fly aboard TCS World Travel’s private jet through Africa to experience a classic African safari. TCS World Travel journeys range from $77,950 to $107,000 per person, double occupancy.

All 2017 pricing operated by TCS World Travel varies based on aircraft type, group size and level of service. Trips are tailored to the travelers’ individual interests and are all-inclusive of best-available accommodations, ground transportation, dining, exclusive sightseeing options, special events and activities, and enrichment programs.


• Sea. Sky. Safari: May 5 – 24, 2017

Barcelona, Spain | Roses and Costa Brava, Spain | Séte and Carcassonne, France | Cassis and Provence, France | Portofino, Italy | Monte Carlo, Monaco | Cannes, France | Kigali and Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda | Okavango Delta OR Kalahari Desert, Botswana | Cape Town, South Africa | Marrakech, Morocco | London

• Wild Encounters: February 17 – March 8, 2017

◦ Kona | Papua New Guinea | Borneo, Malaysia | Ranthambore National Park or Kanha National Park and Jaipur, India | Serengeti Plain OR Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania | Kigali and Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda | London

• Kingdoms and Cultures of Eurasia: April 20 – May 11, 2017

◦ Lisbon, Portugal | Vilnius, Lithuania | Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan | Ashgabat, Turkmenistan | Isfahan, Iran | Zighy Bay & The Musandam Peninsula, Oman | Tirana, Albania | Bucharest, Romania | Basque Country, France | Douro Valley & Lisbon, Portugal

• Around the World Classic: September 27 – October 20, 2017

◦ Orlando | Cusco and Machu Picchu OR North Coast, Peru | Easter Island, Chile | Apia, Samoa | Great Barrier Reef OR Daintree Rainforest, Australia | Angkor Wat, Cambodia | Taj Mahal, India | Serengeti Plain OR Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania | Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan | Marrakech, Morocco | Orlando


• Global Getaway: March 16–April 8, 2017

◦ Singapore | Koh Samui | Dubai | Budapest | Nice | Lisbon | Nevis | Bogota | Miami

• International Intrigue: September 3–26, 2017

◦ Seattle | Tokyo | Beijing | Maldives | Serengeti | Istanbul | St. Petersburg | Marrakech | Boston