Marineland says accusations of animal abuse are completely and knowingly false


NIAGARA FALLS, Ontario – Marineland is the most thoroughly investigated marine mammal facility in the world. All of its animals have been inspected by numerous independent scientists and experts over the last three years, including by an independent panel of three experts appointed by the Government of Ontario.

And yet, an anonymous video, allegedly taken three to four months ago, was released today by a Los Angeles-based radical animal activist group in which that “group” makes a series of false allegations of criminal animal abuse against employees of Marineland.

This video follows an orchestrated phone call and Facebook attack this past Friday by another radical animal rights activist group against Marineland alleging that Kiska the killer whale had died.

Both sets of allegations are tied to efforts by radical animal rights activists to obtain signatures on their petition to the federal government regarding a private member’s bill introduced by an unelected senator, which will ban all marine mammals in captivity in Canada, forcing the closure of the Vancouver Aquarium, Marineland, and all other marine mammal facilities. That private member’s bill died on the order paper and has now been re-introduced by that same unelected Senator.

The allegations by the Los Angeles based “group” are completely and knowingly false.

If the “group” actually believed the allegations were true, it is unbelievable that they would wait almost four months to make any report to the OSPCA or anyone else of the alleged “abuse.”

They make these allegations now because they are false, and they know it, and solely to promote their petition to the federal government, which this “group” has linked on its web page to the video.

In response to some of these false allegations, Marineland has posted photos of Kiska, taken yesterday. She is completely healthy and fine.

Today, video and photos have also been posted to Marineland’s website of the animals depicted in the Los Angeles group’s video, all of which are also healthy, thriving and fine.

The Government of Ontario, after appointing an expert panel, reviewing the independent expert report, extensive discussions, a full public hearing, and participating in the work of a technical advisory group which included Zoocheck Canada, and other activist groups, has passed strong marine mammal regulations which apply to all the marine mammals at Marineland.

Marineland is working with the Government of Ontario to ensure the ongoing health and welfare of all its animals.