Reunion Island Tourism tops the rankings for volcano watching


Ready to discover the top 7 volcanic destinations worldwide? Then you’ll want to make Reunion Island one of your tourist stops.

On January 15, Reunion Island was elected “first volcanic destination in the world” by travel community website WAYN, short for “Where are you now?” Other competing countries in the survey were Japan, Italy, and Iceland among others, which were neck on neck with Reunion.

Reunion Island is the first volcanic destination in the world according to the opinion of the members of the site Wayn, social network for travelers with over 23 million people in over 193 countries around the world. Nominated in the top 7 of the most beautiful volcanic destinations in the world, Reunion Island was pushing all the right buttons and was able to fire on all cylinders alongside other renowned international destinations such as the Philippines, Tanzania, Costa Rica, or Japan.

Reunion Island arrived in pole position and has won the title of first destination volcanic world with nearly a 1,000 vote difference ahead of Japan, which was ranked at second destination.

Top 7 volcanic destinations in the world were named as:

1. Reunion Island: 2426 votes – 23%
2. Japan: 1508 votes – 15%
3. Italy: 1459 votes – 14%
4. Iceland: 1347 votes – 13%
5. Philippines: 1274 votes – 12%
6. Tanzania: 1,231 votes – 12%
7. Costa Rica: 1133 votes – 11%

Already in 2013, Reunion Island was elected “most beautiful island in the world” by members of Wayn. Since then, Reunion Island has continued to gain fans from members of this influential social network dedicated to travelers worldwide. More than 7,000 members of WAYN claim to have already been to Reunion Island, and after the latest survey, some 273,000 more want to visit this French Indian Ocean island in the future.