Nairobi’s dusitD2 set to stage second art exhibition

Artists from all over Kenya this Saturday will converge at the dusitD2 Nairobi to exhibit their creations at the Den Conference Room in an event dubbed ‘The dusitD2 Nairobi Art Gallery.’

The dusitD2 Nairobi Art Gallery in a second such exhibition encourages creative freedom and seeks to eliminate the exploitative system that has seen brokers, middlemen and host of art exhibition organizers gain more from such events than the artists themselves.

According to Mr. Michael Metaxas, the dusitD2 Nairobi General Manager, the Art Gallery is a great opportunity, especially for young artists who want an avenue to sell their art works in a central location full of art lovers. Kenya is full of talented artists who have a lot to showcase as the turnout for this event clearly shows.

In December last year, the first such event showcased works of Kenya’s top artists, including Patrick Mukabi and Patrick Kinuthia. It also introduced children to the world of art and painting through tutorials. Amateur artists involved in the exhibition included 9-year-old Rani Shah, who sold 4 of her works, and Sibuor from Kisumu, who sold 3 pieces and received 4 orders for his point-brush.

The Saturday event will mark the second event in this exhibition series and the first this year.