Strong 6.2 earthquake shakes Gibraltar and Northern Morocco


A strong, shallow 6.1-magnitude earthquake struck early Monday in the Mediterranean between Morocco and Spain dividing Europe and Africa.

This quake was followed by several strong aftershocks.

The region is important for tourism on both sides of the Mediterranean.

Approximately 9.8 million people may have felt the earthquake this Monday morning.

The location of this strong earthquake at 4:22 am UTC time was located:

62 km (38 mi) NNE of Al Hoceima, Morocco
64 km (39 mi) NNE of Tirhanimine, Morocco
69 km (42 mi) NNE of Imzourene, Morocco
77 km (47 mi) NW of Melilla, Spain
164 km (101 mi) ESE of Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Even though this quake is considered strong for that part of the world no reports of damages or injuries are yet known.