East Coast is awakening after blizzard leaves 25 dead


The Associated Press reports there are at least 25 snowstorm-related deaths on the East Coast. Deaths include: 2 in Kentucky, 2 in Maryland, 2 in New Jersey, 3 people in New York City, 6 in North Carolina, 1 in Ohio, 1 in Pennsylvania, 2 in Tennessee, and 5 in Virginia. Additionally, Baltimore, Md., authorities reported one death that is possibly related to the snow, but did not provide details.

A US Capitol Police officer dies shoveling snow at a Delaware home on Saturday, his wife and law enforcement say according to the Washington Post.

In the mnantime New York is awakening after this blizzard.
After 24 hours with no service, line for the first Metro-North train from New York’s Grand Central Station to New Haven, Conn.

Flights are starting to operate again at East Coast airports and the Obama family dogs, Bo and Sunny, play in snow.