Winds whistle quite a bit – having fun in the snow in Manhattan!


“Winds whistle quite a bit.” These are the words by Marcel Bock, a German exchange student enjoying a day in the snow – in the heart of the Big Apple.

Officials imposed a travel ban in and around New York City to keep drivers off the streets. Mr. de Blasio urged businesses in New York to close. He said that drivers caught on the city’s streets would be “subject to arrest.”

Snow accumulation of 20 to 25 inches of snow on the ground in New York is causing extremely dangerous travel due to heavy snowfall and strong winds.

Today in Manhattan, don’t count on the subway, and don’t expect your airliner to be operating any flights. The Big Apple is at a standstill for locals and tourists alike.

All of this does not discourage some, though, from having fun in the snow on these normally very busy streets of downtown Manhattan.

Photos by Marcel Bock, New York.