Brazil’s USD$23 Billion Gay Travel Market comes out at WTM Latin America

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Brazil’s LGBT tourism market is worth USD$22.9 Billion, reveals Out Now’s LGBT2020 Study which will be discussed at WTM Latin America this week (23-25 April).

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Brazil’s LGBT tourism market is worth USD$22.9 Billion, reveals Out Now’s LGBT2020 Study which will be discussed at WTM Latin America this week (23-25 April).

Brazil is now one of the leading inbound destinations for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) tourists from around the world, with cities such as Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo ranking in the top 20 global destinations for LGBT travellers during 2013 (Data source: Out Now Global LGBT2020 Study), delegates at WTM Latin America will discover on April 25.

The new research – undertaken by the world’s leading LGBT consulting firm Out Now Global – reveals for the first time that the value of Brazil’s own LGBT tourism market is USD$22.9 billion dollars. This figure is a significant percentage of the total annual global value of (LGBT) leisure travel spending, which is on course to reach a record USD$181 billion during 2013.

The new ‘Brazil LGBT2020 Travel Report – 2013’ – released today contains the findings from more than 2,000 Brazilian respondents to Out Now’s LGBT2020 study.

Furthermore, Out Now will release additional LGBT2020 market data for six more countries across the Latin America region during a special LGBT education workshop at WTM Latin America on April 25 in São Paulo, Brazil. An additional ten countries of new LGBT market data will also be released free to members of the Out Now Business Class program – the world’s leading networking association to promote LGBT tourism.

The new report gives the clearest-ever picture of the immense scale and potential of Brazil’s LGBT tourism market.

With a per-capita annual travel spend of $2,583 Brazil’s nearly nine million LBGT people represent a large opportunity for companies and destinations willing to show their commitment to this market through appropriate staff training, effective tailored communications and the delivery of products and services that reflect the concerns of this growing tourism market.

The LGBT2020 research reveals that 79% of Brazilian respondents would either definitely, or probably choose to buy from a company that actively markets their products or services to LGBT customers.

84% of respondents said that a company sponsoring LGBT events or community groups would also either definitely, or probably motivate them to prefer that company’s products or services.

Training of staff to better understand the needs of LGBT people was also shown to be a strong motivating factor for Brazil’s LGBT population. 92% of all respondents said that effective LGBT-sensitive customer service delivered by well-trained staff can motivate them to prefer the products or services of that supplier.

Darren Cooper, Senior Consultant with Out Now, said: “Brazil’s LGBT population has revealed that there is much that can be done by companies looking to gain their attention, and positively motivate their product selection choices and brand loyalties through a range of strategic steps.

“Communications to this market are always most effective when they are tailored to speak directly whilst avoiding clichés and negative stereotypes – but the research also reveals that companies need to demonstrate product credibility, and this can best be achieved in tourism through staff training.

“LGBT people have grown weary of the number of destinations, hotels and airlines all claiming to be gay-friendly,” Cooper said. “LGBT people do not experience tourism when they view an advertisement. Whether an LGBT person has a great holiday is directly correlated to how welcomed they feel when they stay with a hotel and visit a destination – and it is the tourism industry staff who serve them during their holiday who have the most direct bearing upon how well-respected LGBT people feel.”

The global LGBT tourism networking association ONBC – Out Now Business Class is exhibiting at a special LGBT pavilion (Stand E33) at WTM Latin America, the region’s newest trade show by the world’s leading event for the global tourism industry – World Travel Market.

All members of Out Now Business Class receive special LGBT sensitivity staff training in four languages to help tourism workers better understand how to meet the travel concerns of their LGBT customers.

CEO of Out Now Global, Ian Johnson, will be presenting the latest LGBT2020 research from Latin America at a special education Masterclass on world’s best practices for LGBT tourism development. That WTM workshop will include special presentations from the CEO of LGBT Confex Ruben Sandoval on the Latin American LGBT market and Pawari by Viajes Pacifico of Peru. Pawari is a dedicated LGBT tour operator serving clients from the region and LGBT Confex is the world’s leading provider of specialist B2B and B2C conferences and exhibitions to reach LGBT people.

The Out Now Business Class LGBT pavilion is located at Stand E33 at WTM Latin America which takes place from April 23 – 25, 2013 at Transamerica Expo Center – São Paulo. The ONBC Masterclass workshop on global LGBT research and marketing best practices is presented on April 25 from 5pm in Conference Theatre 1. Details are online.

Copies of the ‘Brazil LGBT2020 Travel Report – 2013’ can be downloaded here

Additional LGBT2020 research data will be released by Out Now on April 25 at WTM Latin America

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