Carnival safety: Think twice before visiting Cologne or Duesseldorf in Germany


Are you thinking of traveling to Duesseldorf or Cologne, Germany, for the upcoming Carnival next month? Perhaps tourists planning to travel to Germany to join in yelling out “Helau” or “Alaaf” at Cologne and Duesseldorf’s streets should better think again.

German police in Cologne now say New Years mob violence cases rise to 516. Women were raped in front of the Cologne Main Train Station and the famous Cologne Cathedral. Initial investigations clearly show Middle East immigrants commited many of these crimes. A similar less publicized situation was recorded in the nearby city of Duesseldorf, also in front of the Duesseldorf Main Train Station (HBF. More attacks were recorded in Hamburg. Officials are more and more convinced there may be a planned system. In other news a Syrian refuge committed numerous crimes in Germany while residing in a shelter. He had 7 aliases and still was allowed to remain in Germany. He now traveled to France and tried to murder two police officers before he was shot and killed by local authorities.

The extend of this coordinated mass crime is still unfolding and it had caught German authorities by surprise.

A German reader writes: “How do you know they were immigrants?
They were drunk, meaning that they couldn’t have been devout Muslims.
Therefore, it was most likely gangs, using a new method of sexual assault as a cover to steal. Women were also robbed? Rabble rousing?”

The yearly Carnival season is coming up in the first week in February. Hundred thousands of locals and tourists from all over the world will be on the streets in Cologne and Dusseldorf. The yearly carnival parade and the days around this parade had always been a tourism and cultural highlight for both city on the Rhine river.

The Carnival season is known for parties, drinking and having a good time. Most offices and shops are closed on Carnival Monday (Rosenmontag)

Visitors may want to watch out for criminals joining the party wearing masks and costumes this year.

Authorities and organizers are worried. Safety is on top of everyones agenda.
In the past a stiff competition was in place to become Prince Carnival in Cologne. This year Cologne had a hard to convince Prinz Thomas II to accept his appointment.

Canadian Ezra Levant reports on the mass assaults that occurred in Germany on New Years Eve, carried out by Muslim refugees. Could the same thing happen in Canada?