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Green Globe recertifies Germany’s Lehrieder Catering

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LOS ANGELES, California – Green Globe announces re-certification of Lehrieder Catering in Southern Germany.

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LOS ANGELES, California – Green Globe announces re-certification of Lehrieder Catering in Southern Germany. By going green, this leading culinary provider has been taking a pioneer role within the catering and event industry, hoping for the participation of other companies to look deeper into the subject of sustainability.

“As a caterer we have the responsibility and the potential to introduce sustainability to large groups of people in a very enjoyable and delicious way,” said Dr. Nadine Cauers-Lehrieder, Managing Partner with Lehrieder Catering. “Theoretical approaches are only acceptable for us if they find their practical implementation immediately. A sustainable business strategy, the responsible use of resources, friendly partnerships with our suppliers, and fair treatment of our employees has always been very important to us. We are very proud to earn the prestigious Green Globe award, and this achievement demonstrates our continuous efforts to improve our environmental records.”

“Sustainability is not just a quickly-checked item on the to-do list, but rather a carefully planned and future-orientated philosophy that needs to be pursued every single day,” adds Rene Lehrieder, Owner of Lehrieder Catering. “Our approach is to raise, promote, and actively live awareness, making it the core of all our actions. Green meetings offer the opportunity to enjoy delicious organic food combined with responsible use of natural resources. This is the best service we can offer to our clients and guests, a perfect way to inspire change and achieve more responsible attitudes towards our environment.”

Lehrieder Catering implemented a long-term Sustainability Management System, and internal operational performance is optimized. The company provides eco-friendly catering for green meetings and events throughout Germany. Since October 2007, Lehrieder has been certified to label selected dishes and menus with the licensed Eco-label complying with EU Organic Farming Regulations. Packaging is reduced to a minimum, and the purchasing policy favors organic products from regional suppliers, adhering to sustainable practices.

Green Globe Certification’s CEO, Guido Bauer, commented: “We are extremely pleased to award re-certification to Lehrieder Catering in Germany. With their environmental efforts to be 100% eco-friendly on all levels, Lehrieder Catering impresses and sets a wonderful example for the catering and event industry.
Event organizers have to act in a responsible manner and inspire partners, clients, and visitors in terms of green actions.”


For 40 years, Lehrieder has been providing high-end catering services, and is one of the premier culinary service providers in Germany. Ever since Jurgen Lehrieder launched the family-owned company, Lehrieder continuously strives to improve its services: new gastronomic trends and event needs are recognized at an early stage and incorporated into the portfolio, perfectly in line with traditional values of the company.

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Green Globe Certification is the worldwide sustainability system based on internationally-accepted criteria for sustainable operation and management of travel and tourism businesses. Operating under a worldwide license, Green Globe Certification is based in California, USA, and is represented in over 83 countries. Green Globe Certification is a member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, supported by the United Nations Foundation. For more information, please visit www.greenglobe.com .

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