Airline to stick with “One-Bag-Only” rule


A leading no-frills airline is to continue with the “one piece of hand luggage” rule for passengers – even though restrictions are being eased at some UK airports next week.

EasyJet says the single bag curb will remain in place to avoid “confusion” among passengers.

The Government has announced that from next Monday, 19 UK airports will be allowing passengers to take more than one piece of carry-on luggage on flights.

But the rule will stay at a number of airports, including Gatwick, which is one of those run by BAA.

EasyJet operates from 14 UK airports – only seven of which have had the restrictions lifted.

The airline’s Chief Executive Andy Harrison said: “There is massive scope for customer confusion in an environment where UK airports are adopting different policies.

“The only way to maintain a simple and standard policy is to maintain our one-bag policy.

“Also, some of the major BAA airports are using the relaxation of the one-bag rule as a pretext to further increase passenger charges.

“They increased charges when the restriction was introduced and now they want to increase charges again to remove it.

“We will continue to resist such attempts and call on the Civil Aviation Authority for its full support.”

Airports where the one-bag restriction has been lifted include Heathrow, Stansted, London City, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham and Aberdeen. Airports where the rule stays in place include Gatwick, Luton, Leeds Bradford and Liverpool.