Travel insurance ‘should be obligatory’


(eTN) – Travel insurance should be a requirement for Britons before they leave the UK, it has been suggested.

Perry Wilson, spokesperson for InsureandGo, said that the importance of travel insurance is often underestimated by people who are going abroad.

Many travellers think that travel insurance is “about your flight being cancelled”, he remarked.

“That is a part of it, but the biggest part of it is medical – accidental damage to yourself and also personal liability if you cause damage to someone else,” commented Mr Wilson.

He added that it is important for people who plan to take part in adventure sport – such as skiing or snowboarding – to ensure that they are covered before they go.

Even minor injuries, such as a broken leg or ankle, can cost “thousands of pounds”, he said, adding that “the average ski claim is in excess of £2,000”.

The ski market increased by three per cent during 2006-07, according to the Crystal Ski Industry Report.