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UGANDA (eTN) – Dr.

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UGANDA (eTN) – Dr. Andrew Seguya, who has served for the past nearly two years as the Acting Executive Director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), has been appointed to a 5-year term of office following the conclusion of a recruitment exercise undertaken on behalf of the UWA Board of Directors by a local HR agency.

Minister of Tourism Maria Mutagamba made the announcement yesterday, concluding what appeared at one time to be a never-ending saga of drama, allegations, and accusations, triggered by the former self-styled Minister Kahinda Otafire, whose appointment of his buddy physician, Dr. Muballa, triggered an implosion at the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

It is understood that Dr. Seguya scored highest in the evaluation of 5 final candidates, but according to a source on the board of UWA, also performed well under difficult circumstances when the organization had to be rebuilt.

Dr. Andrew Seguya was previously Executive Director of the Uganda Wildlife Education Center in Entebbe until his appointment as acting CEO of UWA in December 2010.

Congratulations to Andrew from this correspondent and all the best for the many tasks ahead. Visit for more information on the country’s 10 national parks and the many more game reserves under UWA’s management.

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