Kerala to play host to the Incredible India Second International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations


Kerala Tourism is hosting the Incredible India Second International Conference on Responsible Tourism in Destinations from 21 to 24 March 2008 at the Le Meridien International Convention Centre, Kochi, Kerala. A sequel to the first Responsible Tourism Conference held at Cape Town in 2002, the second international conference aims at developing tourism in a way that would benefit both the people as well as the natural fabric of the land.

Organised by Kerala Tourism in association with ICRT India and with India Tourism as a partner, the forthcoming Conference, will evaluate the existing standards of Responsible Tourism practices across the world. Besides reviewing the progress made by India and other countries in Responsible Tourism, the conference will discuss key issues like reports and deliberations on new and emerging trends in the field.

The Conference will be co-chaired by Dr. Venu V, Secretary, Kerala Tourism and Prof. Harold Goodwin, Director, International Centre for Responsible Tourism (ICRT) at Leeds Metropolitan University. Local economic development, regional marketing initiatives, water, carbon and GHGs, wildlife and conservation will be some of the major topics discussed at the conference. Policies to be used as benchmarks by the tourism industry for the welfare of the society through tourism will also be focused at the conference. Above all, the second international conference will be the platform for a global initiative to help the tourism industry and all its stakeholders wake up to the problems and issues at hand – namely, economic, environmental, socio-cultural and socio-economic.

For the participants, the meet will provide an excellent opportunity to learn about what has been achieved worldwide in Responsible Tourism and how to move the agenda forward. And for the travel and tourism trade, in particular, the Conference featuring case studies will be a pointer to improving their social, economic and environmental practices. Thus helping them keep pace with international trends towards responsible business practices and at the same time, gain market advantage.

Representatives from various countries, NGOs and several government agencies that have initiated the Responsible Tourism movement in the world, will attend the Conference on responsible tourism. Those wishing to participate in this conference can log on to the website for more details.