Rare white lion cubs delight tourists


(eTN) – TWO rare white lion cubs have become a hit with holidaymakers who are flocking to see them at East London’s Lion Park since they were born four months ago.

British tourists were among a crowd of young and old people waiting to cuddle and pat the two cubs called Casper and Mufasa yesterday.

Tourists, Lynne and Robert McKenna, were ecstatic after their encounter with the cubs.

“Living in the United Kingdom you can go to zoos to see animals, but they are behind fences and you can�t touch them. To come here, touch and interact with these cubs is amazing,” said Robert.

“The one licked me, its tongue was so rough. They are both quite strong and you need to remember they are still wild,” he added.

Lynne said the highlight of her day was being able to touch the cubs. “It was lovely to feel their coat, their hair is quite coarse. They are so gorgeous,” she said.

Little five-year-old Kate Long was also thrilled when she got to hug Captain the cheetah yesterday.

“He’s my favourite animal,” she said.

Her mom, Rosemary said her daughter was always watching cheetahs and the other wild cats on TV and was excited to see one in real life.

The park has seven white lions including the two cubs and eight cheetahs.

Last year the Dispatch reported on two white lion cubs that were born at the park and needed names.

Readers came forward and the cubs were named Nosekeni, after Nelson Mandela’s mother, and Siyanda, a Nguni word meaning “we are growing in numbers”.

Those two have since moved to a private game reserve in the Free State.