Country endowed with rich tourism potential, say visiting foreign tourists


(eTN) – Visiting foreign tourists said that Eritrea is endowed with rich tourism potentials.

They further indicated that Eritrea would be one of the top tourist destination countries in view of the prevailing peace and security in the country, coupled with its rich tourism potential and hospitable people.

One of the tourists, Ms. Balio, said that she decided to visit Eritrea after coming to know, through reading, that there exists Italian and Turkish art deco in Eritrea, which she admired. Noting that she toured the area up to Nefasit by steam engine train, Ms. Balio lauded the Eritrean people for reviving the national railway system that remained out of function for many years.

Ms. Suzan, a British national who visited Eritrea for the first time, said on her part that it is a fascinating country to visit both in terms of its rich history and spectacular landscape. The British tourist stressed that although she had visited a number of other countries, it is hard to find a place with peace and security like that which prevails in Eritrea, as well as a hospitable people like the Eritreans. Commending the development programs being implemented on the basis of self-reliance, Ms. Suzan noted that the Eritrean tourism sector is still a virgin asset that needs more publicity.

Likewise, Ms. Eliana from the Italian city of Milan expressed admiration to the steam engine train journey and added that Eritrea would be one of the main tourist attraction countries in Africa.

Still another Italian tourist, Mr. Mario Mantovani, lauded the prevailing peace and security in Eritrea and pointed out that the country is a tourist-attraction destination as it is endowed with interesting historical sites, an unpolluted sea coastline and other breathtaking tourism potentials.