Mobile phone boarding pass scheme ready for takeoff


(TVLW) – AIRLINE passengers in Australia could soon be able to use their mobile phones as boarding passes under a new scheme to be trialled this year.

We can already watch movies, take photographs, read newspapers and play games, but airlines have now agreed on a new type of technology to allow the phone to be used to board aircraft.

Passengers can currently buy an airline ticket over the internet and print out a barcoded ticket that can be used as a boarding pass.

But soon that barcode, similar to the ones on supermarket products, will be sent to your phone and with a wave of the handset under a scanner at the departures gate, you will be able to board your flight.

Those with suitcases would leave their baggage at a drop point and be given a tag to reclaim it at the other end of their flight.

The International Air Transport Association, the aviation industry’s trade body, is looking at rolling out the new technology across the
world, possibly as early as the end of the year.

The barcode system is already in use in some forms of transport around the world, notably in Japan and by one national train operator
in England.

Now a new generation of scanners has been developed that can read barcodes used by different airlines, making it possible to use the technology internationally.

BAA, which runs Britain’s major airports, confirmed it was looking at the option to speed up the check-in process to make travel more efficient.

“We are interested in any technology which will make our passengers’ lives easier,” a spokesman said.

Other air travel technology being looked at includes radio tagging luggage to prevent bags being lost.