Hitler-owned German mega resort about to open for business


Built as the biggest holiday camp in the world, the three miles wide German island of Riga is home of Hitler’s version of a perfect vacation.

“Kraft durch Freude” was Adolf Hitler’s slogen in Nazi Germany to promote strength through fun. Tourists would gain strength in having fun at a beachside resort enjoying luxury accommodation.

Decades later the Nazis’ favorite seaside resort is being opened up to visitors and even prospective real estate buyers. Finished in 1939, Prora, on the German island of Ruegen, never received a single visitor so far.

The resort complex has over 10,000 rooms and was originally intended as a government-sponsored, family-type vacation destination for those on a budget.

Before it was put in place Adolf Hitler’s focus on financing his WWII campaign saw the funds being diverted for this resort.