6.3 Earthquake on Hawaii Island Also Shook Honolulu

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Hawaii is known for small earthquakes, but this morning a big one shook the Aloha State, causing damages, including for eTurboNews.

A TV in the apartment of the eTurboNews publisher in a 45-story highrise in Honolulu fell from the bedroom dresser and it broke the screen.

Water bottles in the kitchen were shaking after a 6.3 earthquake was recorded in the Pahala region in the Southern part of the Island of Hawaii (Big Island). Pahala is a rural region with 1500 residents, 212 miles away from Honolulu.

The County of Hawaii issued this official update 90 minutes after the quake:

Hawaiʻi County is providing an update to the public regarding the significant earthquake that occurred near Pāhala in Kaʻū earlier this morning at 10:07 am HST.

Following the seismic event, it has been confirmed that there is no tsunami threat to the region. Initially reported as a 6.3 magnitude earthquake, it has since been downgraded to a 5.7 on the Richter scale.

At present, the known damages primarily consist of minor landslides, resulting in debris on various roadways. Prompt action has been taken by the Hawaiʻi County Department of Public Works and State Highways teams to clear most of the debris, ensuring the safety and accessibility of affected areas. These teams remain vigilant and proactive, addressing any potential obstructions on roadways as needed.

As of now, there have been no reports of significant damages beyond the aforementioned minor incidents.

Residents who have experienced damages as a result of this morning’s earthquake are encouraged to declare them via the County of Hawaiʻi Civil Defense website.

The County remains committed to providing regular updates to residents in the event of any significant changes to the current situation.

Reports from residents feeling the shaking on Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Oahu are coming in from the Island of Hawaii.

The depth of the quake is 6 miles and occurred at 10.06 am local Hawaii time, 3.06 pm EST.

The sun produced a major X3.4-class solar flare today, Feb. 9th (1314 UTC). The source was located just behind the sun’s southwestern limb. That means the partially eclipsed flare was even bigger than its nominal X3.4 rating. The earth just dodged a bullet. Speculators connect this phenomenon with the Hawaii earthquake.

maphi | eTurboNews | eTN

According to USGS and the Tsunami Pacific Warning Center in Honolulu, no tsunami is expected.

No reports of injuries or serious damages are known.

Eyewitness on the Island of Hawaii: I was in HI KOA airport when the 6.3 earthquake hit the Big Island this morning. Pretty cool shaking, not rolling. People looked at each other a little confused at first but it was an earthquake. Different than I have felt in CA in the past.

In 2021 a 6.1 earthquake was recorded, causing no serious damages:

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