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Italy COVID-19 Exit Far Away

Italy COVID-19 Exit Far Away
Italy COVID-19 exit

Leap year 2020 confirmed the atavistic belief of a bringer of misfortune. Topping the list is the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic around the globe, and the Italy COVID-19 exit is way off in the distance somewhere.

The month of August marked the end of a short Italian summer. It was short due to the pandemic whose behavioral regulations have conditioned freedom and allowed too short of a time for recreational activities.

The September holidays, which have always been considered the ideal month for a holiday, will be dedicated to recovering lost time and work, thoughts about a future still uncertain due to the persistent pandemic, the stagnant economy, and the rising cost of living.

The forecasts for a recovery of COVID-19 in the next autumn have come true in advance: Italy has suffered a new surge in infections since August coinciding with the return of vacationers from abroad – Spain, Croatia, Greece, France, and others of the Mediterranean belt. They are mostly unconscious asymptomatic young people who, escaping the first checks on arrival, have spread the infection in families, discos, and other public places.

COVID-19 has hit mostly a younger generation than the previous one: entertainment people, football, other sports, and not in the least – politicians. The non-compliance of young people in Sardinia has led to a surge of cases originating in the top class disco, the “Billionaire,” in the first place, from which not even its Mr. Briatore the tycoon/owner, his friend Silvio Berlusconi, and his children have come out unscathed. Berlusconi’s children frequented the island of Capri (after Sardinia) where they could have spread the virus.

The new cases of coronavirus in Italy have almost doubled within a week – they were 67 on August 27, and they are now 120 (on September 3). The regions most affected by the pandemic are Lombardy (237 new cases), Veneto (163), and Lazio (130). There are 109 patients with COVID-19 in intensive care, while 1,437 are hospitalized with symptoms. There are now 26,271 patients in home isolation. Data released by the Ministry of Health in Italy again makes the nation considered a country at risk.

Based on the weekly assessment of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health on the situation of COVID-19: “The Foreign Ministry of Oslo has decided to advise against non-essential trips to: Italy, San Marino (Italy), Slovenia, and the State of Vatican (Italy).” These countries, the note reads, are changing from “yellow” to “red” on the map which shows the status of the quarantine upon entry into Norway from Europe.

From September 5, anyone arriving in Norway from these countries will be required to go into quarantine for 10 days.

Due to the worsening situation in other European countries, Italy has negotiations underway with the most affected European countries to agree on reciprocal entry/exit checks to ease mutual interests and energies.

The crazy race for a safe school in Italy

The President of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità on the national TV program said: “Schools are a priority for the country; it is important to open them and ensure that they remain open. We know that there are no organizational solutions for zero risk. This means living with the virus. Our country is prepared both in the field of health and in education.”

Italy has been discussing how to secure the health of minors and students when they return to school in September. The minister of health, the minister of education, and the head of public transport are being criticized for decisions deemed wrong in the choice of new student desks, the distances between them, in the management of classes, any cases of infection, public transport from home to school, and more.

Classmates will be considered “conjoined” so they can stay close (but not in the classroom). With the rules on spacing, the number of available seats on school buses and public transport are much smaller than before, so more vehicles are needed. But school buses and traditional local means of transport – buses – do not exist in the necessary number in most of the country. And by now it is very close to the reopening of schools. There is no time to buy them or find them in any other way.

“Classmates and even co-workers become relatives and can sit next to each other, even in one another’s arms, suggested the minister. Also, distances are not observed if the journey is less than 15 minutes.

Eleven million surgical masks a day for schools

All Italian schools will have the guaranteed supply of 11 million surgical masks per day. The automotive group chaired by John Elkann will be supplied by FCA Italy (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), a substantial investment that allows FCA Italy to produce 27 million surgical masks per day at full capacity, alone filling more than half of the national daily requirement. FCA Italy has requested and obtained from the Italian government the authorization (with the Cura Italia decree) to produce the protective devices, thus starting the largest production of surgical masks in Italy for traditional adults and 2 for that of pediatric surgical mask, therefore, for children.


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