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How To Motivate The E-Commerce Staff

How To Motivate The E-Commerce Staff
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No matter how great a manager you are, the personnel decides everything. If your employees are lazy, snap up deadlines, play shooters or discuss world news instead of work – it’s time to change something. Don’t be in a hurry to fire the lazybones – better think about what you can do to motivate employees to perform their duties.

Why are employees too lazy to work?

There are several reasons why employees are reluctant to work.

It’s just that people are. They want to do nothing and get paid more. It’s a common type of people that are getting bigger and bigger.

They don’t want to work. Because the boss will come and do everything himself. Or he’ll redo what’s been done. Their logic is simple: why bother, if the boss will do the best anyway.

They don’t understand the tasks and responsibilities. If the employee does not have a sane job description, his tasks are too blurred or even insoluble – of course, the desire to work disappears. Make it clear what you want from each employee, for what purpose and in what time frame. It will be easier;

The atmosphere in the team is unhealthy: employees weave intrigues, rattle on each other, bosses encourage their favorites and oppress the disobedient. Any success of an employee can be turned inside out.

Types of staff motivation

The simplest type of motivation: do not immerse yourself in psychological exertions, understand the needs of each employee – just give more money. As a rule, it works: no one has ever given up money.

  1. Salary increase. At least by 5-10 percent. If you have a few employees – these extra costs are unlikely to greatly affect the profits of the online store, and employees are motivated perfectly. The first months after the increase your whole team will just fly with happiness!

The same type of motivation also applies to bonus calculation – for example, a manager can be rewarded for a record number of completed orders, a courier – for processing many addresses, an accountant – for successful completion of accounts, a marketer – for a successful advertising campaign. If a person has achieved the goal by 100% – pay him a 100% bonus, if 80% – let the amount be smaller. Moreover you can motivate your staff to work as professionals, and use modern tools like paper writing service.

  1. Discounts on services. Surely your employees have looked after something from the range of your online store, or maybe already actively making orders. Set corporate discounts once and for all: team members can buy goods with a 30% discount or another nominal discount. This will not only increase your profits, but also encourage employees: let them tell everyone about your kindness and generosity, and at the same time promote products.
  2. Payment for training. Now you can send employees to courses and training: individual and team. This helps to unite your team and gives employees new knowledge. Do not regret the money for training: in the end, these costs will return to you a hundredfold when employees begin to apply the experience gained in practice.
  3. Repair your office, buy furniture, set up a dining room or lounge in the office. It seems that the employee does not get anything in cash – but you invest in his comfort. It is known that the convenience of the workplace directly affects productivity: try to hang all day on the phone, the other hand entering data into the CRM-system! Buy employees comfortable ergonomic furniture, paint the office in bright positive colors, allow employees to have lunch and rest in a specially designated place.
  4. Presentation of gifts. And these are not only traditional envelopes and bouquets for birthdays. Employees should be rewarded not because of holidays, but because of a job well done. Remember how in the past the best employees were awarded at Soviet production facilities: they gave watches, vouchers to sanatoriums, hung pictures on the board of honor and in corporate media. Take these ideas on board – even if not on an industrial scale. Among modern managers are popular resort vouchers, gym passes, tickets for a show or performance – only, of course, find out in advance the preferences of your employee.
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