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Ravello Music Festival presents to media in Rome

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mario 2
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ITALY (eTN) – The Ravello Festival 2012 takes place from June 23 to September 1.

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ITALY (eTN) – The Ravello Festival 2012 takes place from June 23 to September 1. Its overall theme is the highly evocative topic of “Memories.” Reappraisal of the past, reflection on the course of history, but also the simple emotion provoked by recollection will, hopefully, lead not just to immediate sensations and moods.

In the course of the press conference, the organizational cost was revealed to amount to 2 million euro (budget of the Ravello Foundation is euro 2.370 million). At the tenacious insistence of the media for details on spending, the President of the Festival, the Hon. Brunetta, finally agreed to a breakdown, which included advertising and promotion of the event! Questions on when and where (local or/and international) the promotion was made, the response was, “We could not plan it due to uncertainty of availability of funding, which eventually arrived too late.” It was assumed then that the promotion was entrusted to the one-time release of the news to be released by the media attending the conference.

Spontaneous questions arose.

How many people would plan to attend the Ravello Fest: the aficionados, and the July/August day visitor tourist? What about abroad: the nostalgic who remember the great writers of literature on Ravello?

And then, in times of deep economic crisis and natural disasters that stranded the life of over a hundred thousand Italians and small industries fallen into crisis, with the remaining average Italians choked by a new burden of taxes, can we afford to maintain the noble traditions in the name of prestige?

The recent celebration of the National Day in Italy strongly supported by the President of the Italian Republic, Mr. Napolitano, created controversies among the political parties and the general public on the unnecessary lush cost for its military parade and champagne garden party.

Considering the circumstances, where lies the certainty of success of the Ravello Fest? And will the cost of investment ever be retrieved?

The sponsors are the municipality, the province, Campania Region – generous donors of taxpayers’ money – and other public and private enterprises. It would be interesting to know what the contribution of these generous sponsors were in favor of the recent earthquake victims, and, if the President of the Fest, the Hon. Brunetta has given a thought to assign the non-spent (ads/promotion) funds to the victim of the earthquake. This gesture would give more publicity than the one time news that the media would write on the Ravello Fest dedicated to “Memories” and will remain etched in the memory of those who receive the aid.

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