Egypt Participated at the 119th Pasadena Rose Parade


For the first time ever, Egypt will participate in the 119th Rose Parade taking place on January 1, 2008 in Pasadena, California.

Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism and The Cairo-Los Angeles Friendship Committee will present a float made of roses, to celebrate the “Egyptian Treasures” to the millions of viewers around the world.

TravelTalkMEDIA will be in Pasadena to cover this exciting event as Egypt, one of the world’s most beloved destinations participates in one of America’s most treasured traditions.

According to the rules of the Parade committee,
every inch of the float must be covered with flowers or other natural materials, such as leaves, seeds, or bark. Egypt’s float will have many of the floral materials imported directly from Egypt.


The float itself is an eloquent fusion of floral, history and art, combining pageantry, history and artistry to celebrate Egypt and its Treasures. Measuring 24 feet high, 55 feet long, and 18 feet wide, the float highlights Egypt’s mysterious past, magnificently portrayed in a dazzling array of treasures and artifacts. It is mechanically operated through an innovative, high-pressure hydraulic system that lowers the 24-foot tall float to 16 feet in height in less than 45 seconds. Featured against a splendid throne adorned with hieroglyphics are the statues of King Ramses II and Queen Nefertari, flanked by floral flames and torchiere bowls. Sacred falcons stand guard over stylized lotus blossoms from Upper Egypt and papyrus plants from Lower Egypt, a symbol of the union of these two lands.

“This is the perfect occasion for the US and Egypt to come together and share a unique experience” said Sayed Khalifa, Director of the Egyptian Tourist Authority for the US. “Americans will have the opportunity to taste the rich history of Ancient Egypt while enjoying their exciting annual ceremony”.

Want to know something about our favorite area of the world?
Bordered by the Mediterranean to the North, and the Red Sea to the East, Egypt is a
diverse country full of hidden treasures. Synonymous with the legends of the Pharaohs, Egypt offers a warm welcome by its friendly people and has a rich blend of culture and cuisine – combined with abundant coral reefs and luxurious beach resorts. Egypt provides the perfect backdrop for those seeking guaranteed year-round sunshine, value for money, and the highest standards of accommodation and service.