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Melbourne banns all trips outdoor declaring a state of disaster

US COVID-19 10-15 times as bad, but Melbourne is locking down

Melbourne banns all trips outdoor declaring a state of disaster

Australia: Victoria reports 429 new coronavirus cases in latest update today Another 13 more people died from the virus infection overnight Just be wary that more business restrictions/closures are expected to be announced for Melbourne as well.

ALtogether Australia registered 18,318 COVID-19 cases and 221 Australian died.
After 10,622 recovered it leaves Australia with 7,475 active cases. 43 are seriously ill at this time.

The country of 25,5 million registered 718 cases per million population and 9 deaths per million.

This makes Australia number 116 to 124 in the world.
The United States has 14,535 cases per million and 478 dead per million population. It makes the US 10-15 times more dangerous to be infected by COVID-19 than Australia.

Regardless, the province of Victoria with its largest city Melbourne was going into a “state of disaster” on Sunday, announcing even stricter lockdown measures, introducing a nightly curfew, and banning virtually all trips outdoors after Australia’s second-largest state. This was in response Victoria recorded 671 new cases in one day.

It appears many countries are taking the virus less seriously and numbers cannot lie.

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