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Trump strips Hong Kong of its special status

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Trump strips Hong Kong of its special status
Trump strips Hong Kong of its special status
Written by Harry S. Johnson
US President Donald Trump announced the signing of the ‘Hong Kong Autonomy Act’ and an executive order ending all preferential treatment for the territory, including special trade arrangements during a press conference today.
Trump said that the signed legislation would punish Beijing for “oppressive acts” in Hong Kong and will sanction Chinese individuals and organizations involved in “extinguishing Hong Kong’s freedom.”

The bill is joined by a new executive order stripping Hong Kong of its special status, with Trump saying the territory “will now be treated the same as mainland China – no special privileges, no special economic treatment, and no export of sensitive technologies.” The president noted that this would mean one less competitor for the US.

Trump used most of his televised address from the Rose Garden to attack his rival in the November election, former Vice President Joe Biden, ranting that he and Barack Obama let Beijing take advantage of the United States. In addition to China, Trump also took shots at the European Union, arguing the body did not serve US interests.

Trump took a brief detour during the address to hit on Chinese telecom giant Huawei, arguing it posed a “big security risk” and that he had personally “convinced many countries” to avoid the company’s technology.


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