Secret plane cave base to be a tourist venue


(eTN) – A giant water-eroded cave nestled in lush mountains in west China’s Chongqing Municipality, once a place where the Kuomintang government secretly developed planes, has been listed for investment by the local authority to be developed into a resort.

In a grand scheme, Wansheng District of Chongqing plans to turn the cave into a tourist attraction while preserving its deserted 47,000-square-meter aircraft workshop.

The district’s tourist bureau recently sent out investment information for comprehensive tourist development of the cave and its surrounding area. It estimated it will cost more than 500 million yuan (US$67 million) to develop.

The bureau’s investment Website listed the Haikong Cave “as an ideal place for conferences and leisure travel.”

The enshrouded cave is 50 meters high and as spacious as a giant conference hall. It was used by the KMT party as a secret manufacturing base to develop planes in 1939.

The first plane, a middle-range sky truck, took off from there in October 1944. The plant was deserted in 1949.

The tourist bureau said that the manufacturing plant could be developed into a loft art workshop. The bureau awaits responses from the industry.