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Is preventing Tourism in Hawaii unconstitutional?

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Is preventing tourism in Hawaii unconstitutional?

US President Trump has been fighting to reopen the country for business.  The US Island State of Hawaii was able to minimize the threat of Coronavirus and has been seen as a model anywhere in the world, and specifically for the United States.

2.4 million people in the U.S. so far caught the virus, 123,476 Americans died. It means  373 out of 1 million Americans died.  In the State of Hawaii only 12 out of 1 million people passed away, in New York 1610 people out of 1 million died.

The men behind protecting the Aloha State are Hawaii Governor Ige, Honolulu Mayor Caldwell both seen by many as local heroes

Ige had challenged the Trump administration several times and today the Federal Government may be getting back to Ige.

The Trump administration today got some help from Eric Stefan Dreiband is an American lawyer. While a partner at Jones Day, he was nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as the United States Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. The Senate confirmed his appointment on October 11, 2018.

Dreiband and Deputy Assistant Attorney General Alexander Maugeri and U.S. Attorney Kenji Price, of the District of Hawaii today delivered a message to Hawaii Governor Ige saying: “Hawaii likely has transgressed the Constitution’s limits by effectively discriminating between Hawaii residents and out-of-state residents with respect to ‘the Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States,’” the DOJ statement said. “It cannot impose measures that ‘in practical operation’ discriminate against out-of-state visitors unless the measures are substantially related to ensuring public safety. … Hawaii’s sweeping self-quarantine mandate appears to be insufficiently tailored to ensuring public safety.”

The lawsuit focuses on the 14-day quarantine for interisland travelers and those flying from out of state. The lawsuit states that residents have a right to “freedom of movement” and that a mandatory quarantine “amounts to  house arrest of the traveling individual.”

Investigators from the state Department of the Attorney General have been arresting individuals who violate quarantine rules, usually by leaving their listed accommodations before completing their two-week quarantine.

On March 26, Ige discouraged tourism after ordering a 14-day travel quarantine for passengers coming from out of state, and on April 1 he included interisland travelers.

In many US States, including Arizona, Nevada, California, Texas, New York, Florida Georgia State governments are opening fast and re-introducing travel. The outcome seems to be catastrophic judging from recent news reports. Hawaii made extreme sacrifices in endangering the essential travel and tourism industry for the safety of citizens.

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