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Good Job Korea!

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Good Job Korea!

Good Job Korea is the overall feeling in the Republic of Korea. Koreans are proud of what they had achieved during difficult times in going through the peak of the aggressive COVID-19 outbreak. Keeping such a situation under control can only be done with discipline and consistency. Koreans old and young have a good reason to be proud of themselves

Korea was the first country that invented drive through testing. The Republic of Korea was able to keep the number of death down to 5 per million for the ongoing COVID-19 infection.

With 5 people dying per million population in South Korea safety and excellent medical infrastructure saved many lives.

The worst country San Marino had 1,238 death, the second Belgium 833, the UK has 614, the United States 355 per million.

South Korea currently had a total of 12,085 cases of COVID-19 infections, including 34 more yesterday. In the world when it comes to the number of cases, Korea is number 56

Today Korea only has 1025 active cases which put it number 77 in the world. 10,718 Koreans recovered.

The largest number of tests in the world by 1 million population was done in Monaco with 412,960, followed by Gibraltar 299,56 and the UAE with 265,670.  The U.S. had 73,410 per million, Korea 21,463, which puts it in 77th place in the global ranking.

A slight increase in cases in recent weeks has been linked to nightclubs, an e-commerce warehouse, church gatherings, and door-to-door sellers in the Seoul metropolitan area.

Other countries that are opening up see a spike in new infections, which is worrisome. Keeping an economy locked up is equally dangerous, so finding a balance is an art some say a version of Russian Roulette.

Korea so far had been able to manage this balance successfully.





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