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Gute Reise! Frankfurt Airport is taking off again with worry-free travel

Gute Reise! Frankfurt Airport is taking off again with worry-free travel
Gute Reise! Frankfurt Airport is taking off again with worry-free travel
Written by Harry S. Johnson

Summer is almost here, reviving our sense of adventure and desire to enjoy holidays in exotic places far from home. And Frankfurt Airport is mobilizing to make this possible. The number of flights available from Germany’s largest aviation hub is increasing day by day as the airlines resume serving popular destinations. They include many seaside locations where the whole family can bask in the sun and cities full of fascinating sights. “All of the barriers to flying safely and enjoying a lovely summer vacation have finally fallen,” emphasizes Thomas Kirner of the airport’s customer communication department.

In the aviation industry, safety always comes first. This is true not only in the air but also on the ground, and especially so during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. “In recent weeks we’ve implemented a wide range of measures to comply with the officially prescribed requirements for safeguarding the health of our passengers and staff,” says Kirner. “It’s now possible to fly without worrying about covid-19.” Everyone is of course expected to contribute by behaving responsibly at the airport in order to keep themselves and others healthy.

A new video explains the new processes in the terminal up to and including boarding. “Not much has actually changed,” says Kirner. “And most people will already be familiar with the new measures from other everyday situations, like using public transportation and shopping. We’ve made these minor adjustments to make sure that our guests and employees feel safe at all times.”

“Like everywhere else,” says Kirner, “it’s important to keep a safe social distance, wear a face covering, and regularly wash and disinfect your hands.” It’s mandatory to wear a face mask or other appropriate face covering at all times inside the terminal facilities. The only exceptions are children under six and persons who are unable to do so because of physical impairments or health issues. Fraport, the company that operates the airport, also implemented other protective measures weeks ago. Floor markings and signs help passengers maintain enough distance between themselves and others. Where this isn’t always possible, plexiglass shields and face coverings provide protection. There are also disinfectant dispensers around the airport, and all touchable surfaces are frequently sanitized. In addition, passengers are urged to take advantage of the many available unassisted services, such as online check-in and baggage drop machines.

Before beginning their trips, passengers should also inquire about the current immigration and coronavirus mitigation rules in the countries they are traveling to.

“We recommend consulting our website at before leaving home,” says Kirner. “It contains detailed tips and advice, as well as regularly updated information on the business hours of shops and restaurants. We are making every effort to ensure that our guests can purchase everything they need during their stay at the airport and while flying.” As the airport ramps up again, more and more stores and restaurants are reopening, extending their hours, and expanding their offerings. “We’re confident that we can once again ensure a great experience for our guests in spite of all the measures that are now in place to prevent the virus from spreading.”


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Harry S. Johnson

Harry S. Johnson has been working in the travel industry for 20 years. He started his travel career as a flight attendant for Alitalia, and today, has been working for TravelNewsGroup as an editor for the last 8 years. Harry is an avid globetrotting traveler.