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What to do this stay-at-home Mother’s Day?

What to do this stay-at-home Mother’s Day?
stay-at-home Mother’s Day - Photo © Linda Hohnholz

This year, because of the coronavirus, it will be a stay-at-home Mother’s Day. There will be no restaurant buffets to go to, no leisurely shopping in the malls, probably not even any festive gifts to unwrap, because where would you have shopped, in person anyway? Well, let’s not shun 7-Eleven aside during these desperate times. Maybe you can put a gift basket together from there. Some of them have flowers, and there’s always chocolate candy bars and new hair scrunchies.

Assuming you don’t live with mom anymore, your Mother’s Day celebrations are going to have to be virtual or happening with online assistance since you won’t be able to physically be there. This year, you are going to have to be creative when it comes to celebrating all things Mother’s Day from a distance.

Tried and true gifts

You can always send flowers, even if your personal florist is not operating right now. According to the websites offering delivery of floral bouquets like 1800flowers.com, you still have time to order mom some beautiful flowers, and some even offer food gifts and baskets of goodies.

There are also reliable sites that specifically sell foodie items, like Swiss Colony or Harry and Sons. Or maybe combine the floral with the food and order a fruit bouquet from Edible Flowers – delightful bouquets of flowers made from fruits. You can probably even order from a local goodie shop and have it delivered to your mom. In these cases, however, you will have had to already put your order in, or it won’t arrive in time for Mother’s Day, because yes, it’s tomorrow. But that’s doable, too. We’ll let you know how in the next suggestion.

Send an e-card

From American Greetings to Hallmark, most greeting card companies offer a few freebie e-cards at their websites so you can still send Mom a card on Mother’s Day. And there are some fancy, funny, and interactive e-card websites that offer premium greetings. But you’ll need to sign up for an annual subscription, although the cost is relatively low, usually under $20, especially considering you now have a full year to send virtual e-cards. Our favorites include Jacqui Lawson who makes intricate animated cards that are like works of art in motion. Or there’s the ever-funny opportunity to set mom’s face to a dancing animation at Jib Jab. Both of these websites are so enjoyable, that we like to visit them even when we aren’t in need of sending an e-card, just for the entertainment value.

So, let her know via an e-card that her tried and true gift is coming, albeit a little bit late if you haven’t already ordered those flowers and specialty foods. Just put a positive spin on it and say it will be like waiting for Christmas Day. That means you should probably make sure what you order now will live up to that expectation and anticipation.

Virtual Hugs

As far as giving your mom a hug or gathering the family together, you can always use meeting websites like Zoom to pull in family members into one spot for a big virtual hug, or if it’s just from your home to Mom’s, simply call her via FaceTime. You know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. She always has loved that smiling face of yours.

Really, when it comes to Mom, there isn’t anything you do that she won’t be happy with. That’s how Moms are, especially on Mother’s Day, and even on stay-at-home Mother’s Day. Remember that time when you were a kid and you served her breakfast in bed that you actually made yourself? She will always cherish the memory of that bitter coffee and burnt toast you gleefully watched her “enjoy.”  So, celebrate Mom the same way – well almost the same way – you would as in any other year. She deserves it, and she will love whatever you do!


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