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Coronavirus travel setback spreads beyond China
Coronavirus travel setback spreads beyond China

COVID-19 refers to a transmissible disease caused by a novel coronavirus from Wuhan, China. Since December 19, the illness rapidly spread across China and, then, the entire world. At the time of writing, the on-going pandemic has already caused approximately 266k deaths throughout the world.

This Coronavirus Map (updated in real-time) helps you see the spread of the 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease as monitored by local authorities, WHO, and Johns Hopkins University. What’s important to note is that we only collect data from verified sources, which is not something that most other COVID map sites do. You can also examine various other key pieces of statistics by visiting the respective page.

This Coronavirus statistics page has various important figures regarding the outbreak. Using various tools available at your disposal, you can filter countries based on the total number of cases, total deaths, on-going cases, and various other parameters. Furthermore, you can contrast/compare various countries to see how they’ve been dealing with the pandemic.

It’s also worth noting that there are many non-COVID news items available on our website.

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Stay home, stay safe. We’re in this together and we WILL prevail, no matter how bleak it might seem at times.

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