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Young naked lady not wearing a mask booked on Spirit Airlines during Coronavirus

Young naked lady not wearing a mask booked on Spirit Airlines during Coronavirus

Spirit Airlines is the home of bare airfares. Marie Vergara took this seriously and became a famous nude traveler without even wearing a mask. The naked passenger attempted to fly on a major airline not wearing clothes at a time no one should travel anymore. The lady is 27 years old. The naked women’s home is in Pueblo, Colorado. She booked herself on Spirit Airways violating the “stay at home order”. Perhaps she wanted to demonstrate even naked passengers can still easily fly when booking Spirit Airlines bare airfares.

Airlines maintain certain policies—good and bad—for flyer appearance. Whether you have a first-class ticket or a standby seat in economy, not wearing shoes or proper clothing could be grounds for dismissal on a United, Delta, and American Airlines flight. Travelers can also be barred from boarding if they are wearing inappropriate clothing, such as t-shirts with profanity or bikini tops. Flying nude is also against the dress code of most airlines.

When Marie Vergara arrived at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans, Louisiana she was not wearing any clothing, not even a mask.  Not many passengers were at the airport, but the agent at the Spirit Airlines check-in counter was not amused. She called 911 and a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office Deputy rushed to the scene. When the officer arrived at the Spirit Airlines counter, Vergara had already put on a dress, but it was obscene.

The Sheriff still saw Marie was violating public decency laws because she had on no underwear, and the dress was too short to cover her genitals.

Airline officials told Vergara she wouldn’t be able to travel due to her attire — or lack thereof. She was asked to leave the airport, but Vergara refused and arrested after ignoring the deputies’ orders.

She was arrested and booked, charged with obscenity, resisting arrest, a battery of a police officer, simple battery and remaining in a place after being forbidden. Her bail was set for $5,000.00

It is amazing how many flights are still operating at a time no one is supposed to leave home.

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