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At the recent gala event in New York, South African Tourism announced the 2012 winner’s of its highest honors, the Ubuntu Awards.

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At the recent gala event in New York, South African Tourism announced the 2012 winner’s of its highest honors, the Ubuntu Awards. These awards, bestowed upon members of the travel trade who exhibit performance excellence in key markets across the globe, are also a reflection of businesses worldwide who share a fundamental belief in South Africa as a leading travel destination.

For a third consecutive year, the top award of Top Producing Tour Operator was given to Lion World Tours , one of the leading businesses of The Travel Corporation (TTC) , a company committed to the growth and development of South Africa through tourism.

Founded over five decades ago by the Tollman family, South Africans by birth and continued pride, TTC now represents the world’s largest privately-owned travel and tourism company composed of over 25 international travel and tourism businesses including tour operators, hotels, and other leisure interests. Today this still family-owned and lead corporation, with over 40 offices and more than 3,500 staff spread across 5 continents, TTC carries more than one million passengers every year.

In addition to Lion World Tours’ award for exceptional business performance, Lucille Sive, the President of Lion World Tours, was honored with the Ubuntu Award’s “Career Achievement Award” for her outstanding work in selling tours to South Africa.

As expressed by Marthinus van Schalkwyk, Honorable Minister of Tourism of South Africa: “With overall tourism growth in 2011 of 3.3 percent, we grew 23.2 percent in the US over the last 2 years at a volatile time in the global economy. For us to have achieved the extraordinary success we have in this market, we rely on the travel trade to be frontline ambassadors for our destination. South Africa’s success pivots around the work the people in this room do.”

Sive’s award clearly called out South African Tourism’s appreciation for her personal commitment to South Africa.

This applause is echoed by TTC. Gavin Tollman as Chairman of all South African interests, represented by TRAVCORP SA, speaking with great praise and pride on behalf of the Tollman family and all of the people of TTC across the globe, expressed heartfelt appreciation for Sive’s contribution to South Africa and TTC.

“Lucille has become an immensely respected and adored leader within TTC. She exemplifies commitment to excellence in all areas, from business management, staff development, to industry partnership creation. It goes without saying that she is a consummate travel industry professional – one which we at TTC are delighted to have within our global network and leadership team. But as importantly, she is a person whose heart plays a critical role in how she builds business and relationships. She is truly deserving of such honors.”

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