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Germany is closing borders

Germany is closing borders

German authorities have decided to close the country’s borders with France, Austria, and Switzerland will be closed starting Monday.  Commuters would still be allowed to travel, according to German media. German authorities will keep the crossing open for commuters as well as the delivery of goods.

The Schengen no border system of free movement between EU countries is currently is no more existence in many places due to the spread of coronavirus.

  • Germany’s borders to Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Denmark will be closed starting Monday morning in a bid to stem the spread of the coronavirus. This was announced Sunday evening by Germany’s Federal Interior Minister Seehofer.
  • Poland had closed its borders to Germany and other countries to non-Polish citizens
  • The Czech Republic and Hungary also had closed their borders.
  • German rail operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) is cutting down on its regional train services as a result of the drop in commuters due to coronavirus, according to a DB spokeswoman.
  • German Rail DB will no longer check tickets on regional trains to protect employees and passengers.
  • Police raided night clubs and bars in Berlin and other cities and ordered guests to go home and  clubs to close
  • Several islands in the German East or the North Sea are closing to visitors.
  • As of Tuesday all sports events, saunas, pools and social gatherings, and events are canceled. Health officials urge citizens in Germany to avoid social contacts.
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