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Four best places to study abroad in 2020

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With each passing year, education abroad is made simpler and simpler, which allows thousands of students to find an ideal educational program in the perfect surroundings. In this article, we have decided to stay focused on English-speaking destinations, because however great the opportunity to study abroad may be, living in a place that differs greatly from your own, not only in terms of culture but in language as well, might create too much stress for anyone prone to homesickness, international students being among the top-5 demographics to suffer from it.


The advantage of this destination as your place of study isn’t only that its GDP volume takes 10th place worldwide, but also that it has 7 educational institutions on the list of top-200 universities around the globe. Among many others, here you can apply to the University of Toronto, the best in Canada, which offers more than 700 undergraduate programs and is famous for its medical faculty. Most Canadian universities as well as the Canadian government itself offer financial aid to international students, making education even more affordable. Canada accepts immigrants from around the globe and is very pleased to welcome skilled students, whom it is willing to host and offer opportunities for further living. If you are searching for a country you would be comfortable staying in even after finishing your education, give Canada some consideration.


Oscar Wilde, Guinness, Celtic heritage, and amazing Irish mythology are only a few reasons you should travel, study, work, and live in Ireland. The country has comparatively affordable educational programs and hundreds of scholarships given both by the government and the universities themselves. The academic excellence of Trinity College and University College Dublin are beyond doubt, but just as beneficial to their applicants is their affordability. Some of the educational institutions even tout their low fees as one of the main advantages for the international students especially. The University of Limerick, for example, offers more than 70 programs and various work-and-study proposals so that you can pay for your classes.

The UK

Oxford and Cambridge, classical English literature, the famous English sense of humor, and an enormous GDP (the 6th worldwide) have made the UK one of the most desirable destinations for both immigrants and students. Almost half a million international students receive a visa every year, making their dreams come true by studying in colleges and universities looking very much like Hogwarts. However, just as the competition is high, so is the academic pressure. International students in the UK are definitely among those who might, once in a while, be looking for a fast essay writing service, and if you ever decide to join those who’ve used academic assistance to ease their stress while studying abroad, make sure to choose a reliable writing company that protects its clients’ confidentiality.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the world’s second most peaceful country according to the 2019 Global Peace Index,  with all 8 of its universities being recognized around the globe as educational institutions brimming with excellent academic performances. The best one is considered to be the University of Otago, which not only provides multiple programs for international students but is also situated on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. What makes this country even more likeable are the fantastic landscapes and unique fauna. Along with that, New Zealand is a multicultural country where newcomers are always warmly welcomed. Thanks to their life-work balance, New Zealanders highly appreciate the students who have an opportunity to study, work to cover their fees, and still have time to enjoy the Lord-of-the-Ring countrysides.

Studying abroad is the best way to see the world, widen your horizons, get familiar with new cultures, and make connections with amazing people. Whichever destination you choose, make sure to enjoy your time and partake in every adventure life puts in front of you.

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