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Traveling abroad to a high-end destination like Mauritius Island is very costly for many travelers. The top expensive in the checklist is the hotel room price and air fares which are undeniable mainly for long-haul traveling.

This guide will help you to incur on a shoestring budget your transportation needs in Mauritius whilst making most of your holiday in Mauritius and help you to save.

We have found out 10 simple ways below on how you can save when hiring a car for your transportation needs without putting much strain on your budget.

  1. Choose a local car rental in Mauritius with 100% transparency.

Price does matter the most.  There are numerous car rental agencies across Mauritius. The relatively lowest price is amongst the local car rental companies without no compromises on quality cars. PingouinCar Rental in Mauritius is the most reliable car rental agency in the airport of Mauritius. You can save fifty percent when you book from Pingouin car rental for the same new and clean car.

2) Book your Mauritius Car rental online in advance to get the best deal

While renting a car at the airport might be the most convenient and easy.  However, you might actually spend 30% more than the normal price when you walk in the car rentals’ counters.  With   Pingouin Car Rental in Mauritius Airport, you get the cheapest rate online, book the vehicle in advance, your voucher in hand and pick up your car at the counter in the airport of Mauritius. We guarantee the best price online and advice to book your car rental online and secure the exact model with free additional driver.

3) Look out only for necessary extras

Lookout only for necessary extras and do not opt for unnecessary options like extra insurance and other extras. Check out for free extras on the website of Pingouin Car Rental Mauritius or freebies in a special deal page.  At times, cars are often provided a day free if rented for longer than three weeks.  It is worth to spend wisely only on extras which are useful.

4) Say NO to Insurance Waiver

10 simple ways to save on your Car Rental in Mauritius

While all car rentals are covered with all-risk’s insurance. Say No to those insurance plans which agents tempts to sell out with you. Get those covers are ridiculously expensive and a waste of money! If you refuse  the  top-up cover like the SCDW, the agent may try to sell you the premium road side assistance which is the car recovery in case of breakdown, loss of keys,  flat battery.  With Pingouin Car rental in Mauritius, you get the chance to book your car rental without security deposit.  No stress to verify if the amount has been credited to your bank account.  However, to settle your rental fees, make sure the credit card to be used is in the name of the lead driver on the rental voucher.

5) Convenience pick-up and drop-off place & Time

10 simple ways to save on your Car Rental in Mauritius

Pick up your car rental in Mauritius airport straightaway with Pingouin car rental agency is very convenient and save you time mainly if you have pre-booked your car from their website. There are numerous off-airport car rental companies that are far less serious and do not care about their brand reputation. Pingouin Car rental is an exception and a great address for your car rental service. While many companies will charge for each extra hour or extra one day for more than three hours rental. Pingouin car rental provides customers with two additional free hours. This can make a big difference when picking up your car at eight o’clock instead of ten o’clock. Make sure to consider this when comparing the car. We are open as from five o’clock as soon as the first plane land. However, if a drop off time is after the closing time, we arrange by email or by phone with the customer to drop off the car with the agent at the specified time.

6) Always go for smaller or medium cars unless you have golf or kite surf bags.

Counter staff at the airport will entice customers to go for big cars which is a means to upsell. They are expected to sell extra insurance or vehicle upgrades to one in three customers. Mauritius Island is a small Island and imagines how convenient it will be to drive a small car. Another factor to consider is the number of passengers.  But as far as possible opt for smaller automatic cars easy to drive along the small roads of Mauritius and easy to find parking.

7) Bring your own child seat or hire one for 3 euro only

While other car rental companies charge a lot for child’s car seats.  It is highly recommended that you bring off your own-much cheaper and better hygiene as it will be used only by your child. You might need more than one child seat, with Pingouin Car rental you can get the chance to get a free booster or a free child seat if you need more than one.

8.  Photos of the car in good light

Most often many car rental; companies will do their formalities like filling up a checklist and take payment with customers.  However, at times they will not inform you diligently to have pictures of the car.  In many cases, at drop-off those they are disappointed when an agent informs that there are additional scratches.  But where is the proof? So, a picture with your mobile phone can save you a lot of time and money.  It helps you in unnecessary dispute or allegations as well. 

9.   Book Earlier

It is important that you book a car as far in advance as possible to ensure that you’re not only getting a great price, but actually getting a car, too. At times coming directly at the counter means you’re much probe to pay a higher price.  So, book early and the prices are less lesser online. Doing a walk-in at the counter during last minutes does not guarantee a lower fare as if you’ve booked earlier.

10.   Avoid booking through brokers instead book direct

Most of the time problems arise when the reservation has been made via a car rental broker advertising low prices on price comparison sites. The broker is only a sales agent; the customer’s contract is always with the car rental company. When things go wrong many brokers just wash their hands of the problem and tell customers that they must deal with the rental company directly.

10 simple ways to save on your Car Rental in Mauritius

Those local tips can help you to enjoy a great holiday in Mauritius without no compromise your mobility.  Visiting Mauritius Island on your own and much freedom has no price.

Pingouin Car Rental Company Profile

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Plaine Magnien 51520 Mauritius Tel: +230 637 8080

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