134 soldiers buried in Giyari sector Siachen Glacier

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (eTN) – The chances of survival of more than 130 Pakistani soldiers buried under 80 feet of snow in a remote area in the north when an avalanche hit their camp are rare and meager.

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ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (eTN) – The chances of survival of more than 130 Pakistani soldiers buried under 80 feet of snow in a remote area in the north when an avalanche hit their camp are rare and meager. Four days have passed since the avalanche, and there is little hope left for survival. Despite weather hazards, rescue operations at Gayari Sector continues at five priority points, identified with the help of an SPD team employed with plant equipment, and Army search and rescue teams.

A 450-meter long access track has been developed on the avalanche to access the priority points. Work on another access track has also been started to widen the search perimeter. Mainly plant equipment is being employed at two points. Work is in progress at rapid speed at both points.

Work at the other three points are mainly being done with the help of infantry troops who have resorted to manual digging with some assistance from plant equipment where required. A dozer has been employed to restore the water channel, which has been blocked due to the avalanche. So far, two exits are available with 20 and 15 cusecs discharge. Efforts are in hand to enhance the same with the help of plant equipment.

Names have been received from Pakistan Army sources of those buried under the snow:

1. PA-32596 Lt Col Tanvir Ul Hassan

2. PA-39548 Maj Zaka Ul Haq

3. PA-105358 Capt Haleem Ullah( AMC)

Junior Commission Officers
4. N/Sub Khurshid

5. N/Sub Didar

6. N/Sub Malik

7. N/Sub Iftikhar

8. Hav Rehber

9. Hav Haji Shafayat

10. Hav Zakir

11. Hav Gulfraz

12. Hav Shah Nawaz

13. Hav Musadiq

14. Hav Rustam

15. Hav Shad

16. Hav Ghulam Muhammad

17. Hav Sher Nayab

18. Hav Ishaq

19. Hav Tanvir

Lance Havildar / NaiK

20. L/Hav Mustafa

21. L/Hav Ghulam Qadir

22. Nk Ashraf

23. Nk Sartaj

24. Nk Mudasar

25. Nk Jabbar

Lance Naik / Sepoy

26. Lnk Irshad

27. Lnk Sami Ullah

28. Lnk Sharafat

29. Lnk Mustafa

30. Lnk Himayat

31. Lnk Altaf

32. Lnk Mir Hussain

33. Lnk Irfan

34. Sep Ali Zar

35. Sep Saleem

36. Sep Malik Riaz

37. Sep Jamil

38. Sep Akhtar

39. Sep Nadir Wali

40. Sep Israr

41. Sep Sajid

42. Sep Naseer

43. Sep Dildar

44. Sep Zaman

45. Sep Irfan Khalil

46. Sep Waseem

47. Sep Ehsan

48. Sep Ashraf

49. Sep Riaz

50. Sep Shoaib

51. Sep Iqbal

52. Sep Mumtaz

53. Sep Haider

54. Sep Mehtab

55. Zulqarnain

56. Sep Ghulab Shah

57. Sep Rehmat Wali

58. Sep Nadeem

59. Sep Nafs Ali

60. Sep Nadeem Hashmi

61. Sep Qurban

62. Sep Muhammad Khan

63. Sep Akbar

64. Sep Ali Muhammad

65. Sep Muhammad Ali

66. Sep Amin

67. Sep Fiaz

68. Sep Shakeel

69. Sep Siraj

70. Sep Fazal Abbas

71. Sep Javed

72. Sep Javed

73. Sep Sakhi Zaman

74. Sep Sajjad Kazmi

75. Sep Fida Hussain

76. Sep Naeem

77. Sep Shamim

78. Sep Zakir

79. Sep Nisar Hussain

80. Sep Aurangzeb

81. Sep Arshad

82. Sep Sultan

83. Sep Muhammad Hussain

84. Sep Nasir

85. Sep Ilyas

86. Sep Mukhtiar

87. Sep Fida Hussain

88. Sep Zaheer

89. Sep Naseer

90. Sep Aftab

91. Sep Adil

92. Sep Muzamil

93. Sep Sarfraz

94. Sep Shameer

95. Sep Soba Khan

96. Sep Abid

97. Sep Ishaq

98. Sep Aksar Zaman

99. Sep Najeeb Ullah

100. Sep Siraj Ud Din

101. Sep Jaffar

102. Sep Ansar

103. Sep Ishaq

104. Sep Ghulam Rasool

105. Sep Muhammad Hussain

106. Sep Jumma khan

107. Sep Muhammad Ali

108. Sep Zakir Kawardo

109. Sep Ghulam Mehdi

110. Sep Ghazi Shah

111. Sep Sana Ullah

112. Sep Imtiaz

113. Sep Hameed Ullah

114. Sep Sadiq Gultri

115. Sep Gul Daz ( FS Sec)


116. Nk / Clk Ghulam Nabi

117. Nk/ Clk Ghulam Ali


118. Sep/Ck Muhammad Ali

119. Sep/Ck Karim

120. Sep/Ck Ghulam Mehdi

121. Moon Gul

122. Asif

123. Naveed

124. Ali

Civilian (paid out of defense establishment)
125. Jalil (Waiter)

126. Hameed ( Waiter)

127. Nasrullah (Barber)

128. Muhammad Ameer (Barber)

129. Waheed ( Canteen)

130. Azeem (Canteen)

131. Sarfraz (Dhobi)

132. Wali (Dhobi)

133. Noor Shah ali (Dhobi)

134. Sabir (Tailor)

135. Ghulam Rasool (NCB) – Unconfirmed/Suspected

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