Carnaval de Carnivals – just 75 days away

In the short space of just five years, the “Carnaval de Carnavals,” the Seychelles’ version which brings together performing troupes from across the world of carnivals, has become one of the global top five. Huge media attention is given to the juggernaut of carnivalistas as they move through the streets of Victoria, representing the very best there is, from the Brazilian carnival, to Trinidad and Tobago, to Notting Hill, and the German “Karneval Vereine” from Cologne and Duesseldorf.

Additionally, carnivalistas come to Mahe from India, China, and other parts of Asia, and notably more and more groups from the African mainland, keen to showcase their versions of the silly season where colorful costumes blended with tribal dance performances are shown off in Seychelles.

Last night, the 2015 Carnival song was selected in a very competitive set up where some of the archipelago’s leading musicians and singers performed, aiming to capture the cash prize, but more so the glory of having their creation become an earworm over the coming weeks.

It is 75 days and counting today to the start of the 2015 carnival festival, and bookings have reportedly been coming in thick and fast from those who have just got to have one more go to show off their skills, after the European and South American carnival season closes at the stroke of midnight, when Ash Wednesday rings in.

Very notably, the carnival concept, initially somewhat alien to the Seychellois, has taken deep roots, and every year, more and more companies and individuals participate with floats. Not only have the numbers grown, but the quality has visibly improved from year to year, so the 5th edition will no doubt bring forth new highlights for the spectators as every float and troupe will vie to be declared by the judges as the best in its category.

Added last year was a childrens’ carnival on the closing day, and judging from the success of creating the next generation of local carnivalistas, it is safe to assume that the 2015 children’s carnival will equally bring out the best of the little ones as they show off their costumes put together by the moms and aunties. Come April 24 of this year, the eyes of the carnival world will once again be on the Seychelles for the three-day festival.