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President Trump told Americans to avoid traveling abroad

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Did the United States President just kill American tourist arrivals in countries around the world when he spoke at a press conference on the threat of COVID-19 for the US?

Asked if Americans should travel abroad, the President responded by suggesting the United States is the greatest travel and tourism destination in the world. So why shouldn’t Americans stay home?

The President, however, added COVID-19 is the flu – not Ebola – responding to a question regarding a complete travel ban.

The President said that Brazil has the Carnival, and many Americans are in Rio at this time. Italy has many incidents – we are checking people coming into the country from such countries and are ready.

President Trump said the Chinese President is working very hard on handling the situation. The President said he talked to the Chinese and both countries are coordinating.

The President gave a big push for Domestic Tourism and America First.

The President then said that travel-related companies will be hurt. However, he added, the threat of the virus will end sooner than later, and business will pick up.

It was revealed in the press conference that US Vice President Pence will be in charge of handling the government’s approach against Coronavirus.

The President didn’t fully agree that the virus will spread, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said at the same press conference that it’s a good time to prepare. This is true for the public sector, private businesses, and every American.

The CDC website will be updated constantly.

Now the U.S. has 57 cases of the virus, and the outlook remains uncertain.

According to the White House and under President Trump’s leadership, the full weight of the U.S. government is mobilized to protect the health and safety of the American people.

The CDC said it’s important to stay at home when sick and to keep washing your hands.

A vaccine is on the fast track but likely around 1 1/2 years away from implementation. This means containing the virus now is essential, and the vaccine could help if this virus comes around for a second year.

The President thinks the stock market will recover and fighting the virus will not be a funding problem. He said US$2.5 billion was asked for, and Congress is willing to give US$8.5 billion. The President said we will take more money.

Masks are rare in the U.S. but may not be needed, the President said. He promised the government will work on production just in case.

The president added that this will end! He said there is no reason for panic and stressed that so many more people die from the flu.

He also added the U.S. will not change travel restrictions against China and other nations to protect the country.

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